What Newark Mayor Cory Booker Did Today That We Didn’t, One Tweet at a Time


A hero has emerged from all the snowflake rubble and ice, and that hero is Newark Mayor Cory Booker. Yesterday Myles (who’s out shoveling as we speak!) mentioned that Booker had been delivering diapers to babies, patroling the streets with his trusty shovel, and even helping kids understand the strength-in-numbers beauty of a snowflake, all the while Tweeting his aid to those who need it. Today, he’s done even more. Let’s take a look.

• Caught a carjacker.

• Helped free a medical transport van to get to a patient in need of dialysis.

• Resolved an argument with another Twitterer firmly yet graciously.

• Dug out the car of a woman who was on her way to a medical procedure.

• Addressed issues of plowing AND rudeness.

• Taught Mayor Bloomberg how to act in a snowstorm.

• Had Diet Coke and Advil for breakfast.

Okay, one of those things we actually did, too.

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