Best Inexpensive Restaurants of 2010; Putting Cocktails in Barrels


The Kraft-Starbucks kerfuffle continues: Kraft admits it “neglected” its relationship with the coffee chain, but still wants a court to force Starbucks to pay for ending the distribution pact.

And the roundups continue: Baohaus, the Commodore, and Pies ‘n’ Thighs are among the inexpensive restaurants that stood out this year.
[NY Times]

The recent American Muslim Consumer Conference revealed the breadth of opportunities for food makers hoping to market to Muslims.

Right on time, the Times notices that the Mangalitsa pig is popular and could be the next “it” porker.
[NY Times]

The aged cocktail trend has finally found its way to New York. You can get an aged drink at Dram in Williamsburg and at the Gramercy Park Hotel’s Roof Club.
[NY Times]

In Anzola dell’Emilia, a gelato university attracts ice-cream-maker hopefuls from around the world who want to take the Italian tradition back to their homes.
[Wall Street Journal]