Midoriya Brings Japanese Groceries to Williamsburg


The Sunrise Mart is a favorite one-stop shop for everything Japanese (assuming you can’t make it to the Mitsuwa superstore in New Jersey, that is) from “manly” Pocky snacks to fresh miso paste to bonito flakes to inexpensive bento box lunches. But it can be a schlep for Brooklynites. Luckily, a new Japanese mini-mart called Midoriya has just opened in Williamsburg.

There aren’t any pre-made foods available at Midoriya, which is located at 167 North 9th Street (718-599-4690), but you’ll find a large assortment of snack foods, condiments, sweets, noodles, and frozen foods, and a few Japanese vegetables (daikon, cabbage, burdock root, and the like). Plus there’s a tiny DVD selection available for rent and a section devoted to home and personal care products.

And if that’s not enough to entice customers, they’re offering a 10 percent discount across the board as an opening promotion.