Need a Hangover Helper? Try these Restaurant Dishes


New Year’s Eve’s approaching. That single evening of fun and booze that results in a terrible hangover the next day. Everyone has his own cure, from drinking pickle juice to simply drinking more booze. Yesterday we told you how the pros deal with the splitting agony. Sometimes, though, a big plate of food is all you need. While many restaurants serve “hangover breakfasts,” these really just entail large portions of eggs and bacon and the like. But here are some restaurants that have particularly interesting “hangover” dishes meant to cure the ills. And although many of the below restaurants will be closed on New Year’s Day, these dishes can be ordered at any time. And we all know that, unlike New Year’s Eve, hangovers come more than just once a year.

Donatella, Ms. Arapia’s eponymous new pizza joint, offers a special hangover pizza topped with sausage, lardo, a sunny-side-up egg, smoked mozzarella, pecorino, and basil for $16 as part of their Saturday and Sunday brunch specials.

German restaurant Heidelberg, meanwhile, features a “hangover special” of marinated herring with sour cream and boiled potatoes as part of its $29.95 prix-fixe Sunday brunch.

Spicy food is often touted as a cure, and Mrs. Kim’s has just the thing: a Korean hangover stew of pork shoulder and belly, kimchi, and tofu for $15. And it’s available for dinner, too — perfect for après day-drinking!

A different Korean dish is the “hangover soup” made from shredded beef and bean sprouts served with salted shrimp sauce at Cho Dang Gol for $13.95.

The Mitraillette is billed as “The Hangover Sandwich” at the 20th and 17th street locations of Petite Abeille. It’s a burger served with sautéed onions, Belgian fries, and ketchup on a challah baguette for $13.50.

Hangovers must be as common in Belgium as in Korea (maybe it’s all the beer). Resto’s option is the $14 Belgian hangover pasta, which is made with ham, Gruyère, and sunny-side-up egg, and it’s available for lunch and brunch.

And if things are so bad that you can’t stomach food, try the hangover cure juice at Peacefood Café. A $6 (or $7 for a large) combo of apple, orange, carrot, celery, and ginger juices should help the aspirin go down.

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