Rude Drunk Man Stumbles Around Tracks of J Train Today Instead of During Blizzard


Adding to all the difficulties the poor MTA is having with the snow and raising your fares, drunks are now stumbling around on the tracks and causing service shutdowns! The J was suspended from 12 a.m. until about 1 a.m. today when a drunk guy “wandered onto the track area of the Williamsburg Bridge,” causing the Manhattan-bound train to stop near Marcy Avenue.

But WHY NOW? The Daily News talked to one bystander, who mused,

“The path is wide and clear open — why would he walk on the subway tracks?” Amora Corvo said, referring to the pedestrian path on the bridge. “If you’re going to do something daring, why not Sunday, when the blizzard happened?”

Why, why, why? Frankly, these are not questions one should ask of a drunk, as the answers are never very satisfactory. Nonetheless, the man has been taken to Woodhull Hospital for psychiatric observation. Good luck.