Snooki-in-a-Ball Won’t Be Dropped in Times Square After All


Sad (or happy?) news…well, let’s just say it’s conflicting: Apparently, that whole putting Snooki in a ball just like a little hampster and then dropping her into Times Square for the big midnight hurrah on New Year’s Eve is not going to happen after all. Because it would be…crazy?

Unnamed sources told Pop Eater, “No way would they allow this to take place. MTV rents a position in the Square that night like every other media outlet. You can’t get access to the Square without an official credential. You have to play by the official rules or you get kicked out, which is exactly what has happened to MTV and Snooki.”

But, we thought Snooki could do anything. We really did. Now New Year’s Eve is RUINED.

[via Vulture]