The 7 Best Quotes From Bloomberg’s Blizzard Presser


Mayor Bloomberg just wrapped up a press conference in Hunts Point addressing the city’s blizzard response. Our ever-blasé municipal leader, along with several department commissioners, defended the city’s response, piled some blame onto drama queen New Yorkers, and doled out some informative tidbits about what to expect in the days ahead.

But he also said some really funny (or tone-deaf, depending on how you view it) shit. Bloomberg’s 7 “best” blizzard-related sound bites after the jump.

On Newark Mayor Cory Booker:

“I think Cory Booker is a great mayor! What’s appropriate to his people, and Newark… I’m gonna call him this afternoon and find out what he’s doing!”
On whether he plans to pick up a shovel:
“I haven’t been out there with a shovel, but I have been answering e-mails.”
On what New Yorkers should have done instead of bitching about snow:
“People should have gone to the park and enjoyed this time with their families.”
Fielding a question about the number of blizzard fatalities:
“People are dying, just, naturally.”
On ambulance response times:
“Just because an ambulance gets there, doesn’t mean you can save a person. Science isn’t that good.”
On the 1,600 stuck city buses:
“It takes a big tow truck to move a bus, not just a small tow truck.”
On why it was so bad:
“I cannot tell you for sure why it was a lot worse this time than at other times,”
Honorable mentions to Bloomberg’s attempt at Spanish, the reporter whose wishful thinking led her to ask whether the city would consider delaying the upcoming MetroCard fare hike because of the blizzard’s inconveniences, and Andy Borowitz, who summed up the gist of what Bloomberg really meant to say: “If you are still having trouble with snow removal, move to Newark.”