The Biggest Box Office Disappointments of The Year!


According to, the following 2010 films have so far made way less than they cost–i.e., they ain’t smash hits.

Fair Game cost 22 million and made $8,920,000. Is that fair?

127 Hours cost 18 million and has made 9,879,000. I guess people didn’t exactly line up to see the arm cutting scene.

Burlesque cost 55 million and has made $36,758,000. And it wasn’t because of the competition–it was the year’s only musical.

Tangled cost a whopping 260 million and has made $143,695,323. Only in America could that kind of intake not be good enough.

Narnia 3 cost 155 million clams and has made back only $63,929,000. I doubt there’ll be a Narnia 4.

How Do You Know cost 120 million smackers and has so far made a shocking $15,155,000. (A big setback for Reese, Nicholson, and James L. Brooks. How do I know? I just do.)

The Tempest cost 20 million bucks and has thus far made a slender $194,000 (and you thought Spider-Man was Julie Taymor’s only problem).

And The Tourist cost…well, way too much.

Bear in mind that a lot of these films still have more life in them and besides, they’ll take in some bucks overseas and on DVD release.

But also consider the fact that the reported budgets don’t usually include the huge marketing costs!