94-Year-Old Man Will Not Stop Having Babies Just Because He’s Ancient


Ramjit Raghav, a 94-year-old Indian man who’s with a woman practically half his age (59), has managed to create a baby, thereby becoming the self-professed oldest father alive. His baby, a boy, was born two months ago. In terms of claims to fame, this is…good? Advisable? A great intergenerational family bonding experience?

Raghav says the key to his strong swimmers was being a wrestler as a youngster, and also, eating a ton of milk, almonds, and butter. The Post has a lovely family portrait of him with his son:

According to the Sun,

When asked whether he was worried about his child’s future, Ramajit said he would still be playing with his son in a decade.

He added: “Nothing will happen to my child as I will die only if a black snake bites me and that is very far.”

“Visit me after 10 years and you will find me in the same appearance.”

Prior to Raghav’s accomplishment, another Indian man was the baby-making old-man celebrity du jour, having had his 22nd kid at the age of 90. The Independent reports that Raghav (who actually claims he’s 100, not the 94 stated by his pension records) “plans to try for another” next year.

[via NYP]