Complaining About Snow Is So Passé


​It’s hard to tell if the New York Times is trying to celebrate or condemn all of this snow bitching. But a story on the paper’s website today would like to remind you that whining about blizzards, and especially ragging on city officials about their shitty response to blizzards, is a longstanding New York tradition. Way to buck the trend, conformists!

A look at mayors and blizzards past (including a 1969 blizzard that led Queens homeowners to greet then-mayor John Lindsay “with boos, jeers and curses”) shows that the whole piling-blame-on-the-pols-in-charge thing after the snow hits is not a new phenomenon.

But while New Yorkers now have the luxury of tweeting their anger and frustration, the Times would like to momentarily remind all of you uptight, entitled brats that “other cities” — like Detroit, Mich., Buffalo, N.Y., and Lincoln, Neb. — are way more patient about snow removal:

In New York, the outrage comes quicker. Gene Russianoff, staff lawyer for Straphangers Campaign, said postblizzard complaints were a product of big-city expectations.

“New Yorkers have a healthy sense of being aggrieved to begin with,” he said. “We’ve come to expect decent levels of services.”

So in other words: calm the fuck down, already people. How dare you expect to wait fewer than 30 hours for an ambulance? You should be going to the park and enjoy this time with your families, duh.