MTA Taking More of Your Money Starting Today


Today is the day that we’ve all been hating in advance for months now: The day that the dreaded MTA fare increases go into effect. That means that your 7-Day Unlimited card is now $29, your 30-Day Unlimited gets a 17% increase to $104, and your 7-Day Express Bus pass is now $50. The minimum for a pay-per-ride card is $10, and a single ride ticket is $2.50.

Subway/bus info, in chart form:

Pat Kiernan has calculated the new “magic refill amount” (for the least money wasted): It’s $39.95.

See here for info on LIRR, Metro-North, and toll increases.

Of course, trains have been totally not working, and then hardly working, the past four days. Via Gothamist:

When asked if they would postpone the hike in light of the blizzard, MTA boss Jay Walder said, “No, I think the fare hike is something that has been planned for six months. We’ve gone through a process of consideration, of public hearings. It has to go forward at this point.

The good or at least convenient news? Trains are back in “good service,” mostly, except for the 2, which had some “planned work” at the time of this post. Sigh.

Improvements, let us know when you plan to arrive. Maybe you’re stuck on the train?