My Fave Movies of The Year


I’m leaving out the obvious ones, which get enough attention, thank you.

OK, here goes:

Mesrine. A two-part tour de force for Vincent Cassel as a real-life gangster who loves his children.

The Town. Male nuns robbing banks? That’s just one thread of this seamy, Ben Affleck-directed melodrama set in an overbaked Boston. Who knew Blake Lively could act?

Let Me In. A moody, beautiful remake of a Swedish vampire film (Let The Right One In), this was a perfectly timed cry against the bashing of androgynous people.

All Good Things. Ryan Gosling always plays a great pyscho, and he got one in Robert Durst, the real-life weirdie who will probably put this film on his resume (even though it’s a semi-fictionalized version of events we’ll never know).

Prodigal Sons. Not just another doc about a transitioning transsexual and her adopted brother who learns he’s the offspring of Hollywood legends. It’s a chilling and warming coming home odyssey all at once.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. One too many battles, but still, this was cartoony fun that for once didn’t check its mind at the merch stand.

See you at the cineplex in ’11!