My Least Favorite Movies of The Year


Inception. Wait for the backwards sequel, Inception Memento. It’ll all make sense.

Jack Goes Boating. A kitchen sink drama about unhappy everyday people, Jack had decent perfs, but too much screaming and facial hair.

Valentine’s Day. An all-star dreck-fest that I didn’t heart, especially when the florist gave away clients’ personal secrets.

Hereafter. Also known as Babel meets The Sixth Sense. Anyone believe Matt Damon as a guy who can connect with the dead as a result of a fabulous childhood brain trauma? Still, the tsunami scene was pretty intense and there was a good food-tasting bit.

Hemingway’s Garden of Eden. An inept, unsexy, tedious piece of crap for whom no bells tolled. It was the year’s absolute worst exercise in cinema except for…

Knucklehead. A WWE production billed as “a comedy”–and that was the only funny thing about it!

Here’s to tastier popcorn in ’11.