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Baby Boomers Turn 65, Embrace Medicare, Self-Pity


Happy birthday baby boomers! You are now officially grownups! 2011 marks the year that the eldest of the baby boom generation begin to turn 65, according to the U.S. Census. Within 20 years there will be nearly 80 million senior citizens in this group in the U.S., which doubles the number of seniors in 2000, making up 20 percent of the total population.

There are fears that this surge in our nation’s oldsters, who by and large don’t plan on quitting work, or for that matter, dying anytime soon, will swamp Medicare and deplete resources for younger generations. Also, as the New York Times puts it, they may be a little bit on the self-absorbed and entitled side, thanks to their comparative more nurturing youths, the teachings of Dr. Spock, and television.

They are living longer, working longer and, researchers say, nursing some disappointment about how their lives have turned out. The self-aware, or self-absorbed, feel less self-fulfilled, and thus are racked with self-pity.

Well, this should be fun. The good news is, at least there will be plenty of people around for pickup shuffleboard games and canasta.

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