Dear Hollywood: Leave Massachusetts Alone!


2010 was the worst year in history for the state of Massachusetts–on film anway.

If you live there, you obviously get pink slipped, become a bank robber, get unjustly convicted of something else, and emerge to become a boxer with a fucked-up family.

I am not making this up!

All in 2010, we had The Company Men, about scads of devastating layoffs in Massachusetts;

Conviction, a real-life story in which a guy is thrown in jail for no reason in, yep, Masachusetts;

The Town, about ruthless robberies that go on in Charlestown–you know, Massachusetts;

And The Fighter, dealing with various life-threatening dysfunctions happening in Lowell–and you know where that is.

Anyone ever actually been to Massachusetts?

Funny, I found it a little dullish.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 3, 2011

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