Fat Babies Are Offending the Dietitians of America


Babies are supposed to be cute and chubby, the perfect size for stashing in medium-sized flowerpots! There’s a reason the phrase “baby fat” exists as its own pudginess qualifier, and it’s also why there’s no need to categorize “adult fat.” Adult fat = bad. Baby fat = good. To a point. But as we trend toward an increasingly obese, and obesity-paranoid, society, chubby babies have come under fire as a new scourge of these modern times.

According to the latest infant obesity study, nearly a third of American babies are too fat — 32% of 9-month-olds and 34% of 2-year-olds were considered overweight.

You can’t blame the babies, themselves, however, since the people shoving French fries and fruit juice down their baby gullets are their parents. A few tips: Don’t feed your baby French fries. Also, watch the empty calories!

“If your baby is chubby and is drinking 18 ounces of fruit juice a day, it’s time to stay away from the fruit juice,” says Dr. Stephen Turner, chairman of pediatrics at Long Island College Hospital.

“The third most common vegetable that a 9 month old gets is French fries,” Dr. Alan Greene says. “By 18 months old, French fries are the number one vegetable for kids.”

Also, once your baby gets some coordination and mobility, you can get them on an exercise program stat, or at least make them walk to McDonald’s instead of getting toted around in the back of the station wagon like mini-royalty or something. And you can dress them in black — it’s sophisticated and slimming.

[via the New York Daily News]

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 3, 2011

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