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Garbage-Pocalypse Follows Snow-Pocalypse: This Is Your Life, New York


Gosh, don’t you sort of miss the early days of the blizzard about now? It was all pretty and clean (for a moment), and we were all “trapped” on vacation. And now things are back to normal, sort of, except smellier and with more bags of trash hanging around with which to attract vermin and vomit and other fun New Yorky things.

Although the Sanitation Department resumed garbage collection this morning, they said they’d do it in a “limited” fashion, with, according to the New York Times, only 50% of trucks out collecting your refuse while the other half continue on snow-clearing ops. Except, pretty much all we can see are piles of black trash bags, at least around our neighborhood.

Recycled trash won’t be collected at this time, but those unsightly old Christmas trees will be picked up, reports the New York Post.

Via the Times,

In Astoria, Queens, several people walking on Broadway on Sunday morning registered their disgust. “All the bags are ripping open, probably from the weight of the snow and other garbage bags piled on top,” said Gretchen Strejc, 31, a chef. “It’s warming out and it’s going to start intensifying the flavor of the bags.”

But, at least that guy who tried to commit suicide landed on some handy (intensely flavored?) bags and survived. Go, Department of Sanitation!

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 3, 2011


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