NYC Chefs Resolve to Eat Better (and Eat Worse!) in 2011


Now that New Year’s has come and gone, it’s time to get those resolutions going. The Wall Street Journal,, and The Daily Meal all have extensive roundups of celebrity chefs’ resolutions for the coming year, and New York City chefs are well-represented in the mix. So what’s in store for 2011?

David Chang of the Momofuku empire has three resolutions in store, including “[finding] domestic purveyors of soy sauce, miso and sake, or produce it ourselves. It would create not only jobs but would allow us to be less dependent on importing and create a new business for our restaurant group.” He’s also “trying to find a new meat for the pork bun. Currently it’s pork belly — we probably sell thousands a week. You become so reliant on it, you don’t innovate — it becomes a crutch. We’re trying to use the leg, but it’s not as fatty and luscious.” And, finally, he wants “to become proficient at saltwater fly fishing.”

Mesa Grill and Bar Americain chef Bobby Flay says that he wants “to eat in moderation, so I’m going to have only three-quarters of the food put in front of me in a restaurant. As a chef, I want to try everything, but this way I can enjoy and save calories.”

Babbo’s Mario Batali notes, “My family has a very hectic schedule, so it’s important to me that I make dinner with my kids and we all eat together. This year we want to master more vegetarian dishes, like simple bruschetta, that are fun to cook as a team.”

Chef Ratha Chaupoly of Num Pang says, “One of our traditions now is to have Peking duck for the Holidays. Peking Duck Numpang would be a great sandwich! This would be my all-time resolution. We wouldn’t have the room, nor the skills to make the correct Peking duck here now, but it’s a great goal for the future.”

Salumeria Rosi’s Cesare Casella wants “to open another restaurant in 2011!”

Amanda Cohen of Dirt Candy, meanwhile, has the same resolution every year: “to replace myself with a giant robot arm that has 75 points of articulation.”

Booze is on Butter’s Alexandra Guarnaschelli’s mind. She wants to “arrive at a cocktail list that rides the line between sour and sweet perfectly.”

David Santos of Hotel Griffou wants to focus on his customers in the new year. He explains: “I think in this day and age so many chefs are about themselves and their Twitter accounts and all that other bullshit. I’d like to see a movement towards the customers. Making people happy, cooking great food and being truly proud of what you’re doing.”

And, finally, for all of you who thought the bacon was soooo 2010 (or even 2009): Marc Forgione’s resolution for his eponymous restaurant is to incorporate “more bacon fat into my cooking/dishes.” You heard it here first, kids. The bacon trend will never die.


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