Pino Luongo Hates Just About Everyone


Well in advance of the opening of his newest restaurant, Moro, Pino Luongo has embarked on something of a goodwill tour.

During a recent interview about Italian cooking on Ozersky.TV, the Florence-born restaurateur, who currently owns Centolire on the Upper East Side, took the opportunity to address his competition. The self-professed “old fart” saved his worst words for Locanda Verde, decrying it as “the worst Italian food I’ve ever had in New York. … If that’s Italian food, I’m Chinese.”

But Luongo is generous with his invective, also lavishing it upon Del Posto (“the least favorite restaurant” of the Batali-Bastianich empire), Eataly (“I would have expect, for a place like that, to be overwhelmed … for me, it’s not even scratching the surface of what’s supposed to be there”), Marea (“Michael is doing his own interpretation of Italian cuisine … it’s fine for me but it’s not really what I consider an authentic seafood restaurant Italian-style”).

It’s all OK, though — Luongo says he’s “good friends” with Andrew Carmellini, who will, one assumes, harbor his own warm sentiments toward Moro when it opens later this spring.


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