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Ra Diggs, Alleged Bloods Leader, Put In Solitary Confinement For Tweeting


Ronald Herron, better known as Brooklyn rapper and alleged Bloods leader Ra Diggs, was put in solitary confinement this week, reports the New York Post, for being a “publicity hound.” Diggs prominently featured pictures of himself with guns on his Myspace and tweeted threats at cops. His October arrest was part of a federal indictment that included the arrests of 8 others on drug and gun charges. In an open letter released a month after his arrest, Diggs says he is innocent and that his freedom of speech has been violated.

Feds have a lot of evidence against Diggs from things he has posted on social networks (noted, what not to do). The Daily News reports, “He tweeted that he has ‘5000 n—– with them lorcins [handguns] ready to turn the pigs kids into orphins.'” But Diggs says in his open letter, “My utilization of the internet & its social networks is being paraphrased, misquoted, and repeated in the most blatantly corrupt and debased manner to demonize the perception of me.”

Diggs’ Internet profiles (YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter) have since been cleaned up considerably. His MySpace account, which had pictures of him posing with guns, has been taken down completely. Yet this video, in which he calls out people wearing skinny jeans as “Swag Fags,” is still up on his YouTube account. He makes countless gay slurs, too. And we’d guess this tweet isn’t doing anything good for his image:

Yo im going to bed. If I catch any of you nigga tryna fuck my niece im a bust ya head wide open!less than a minute ago via web

In his open letter he says, “As it stands before the court, and it (sic) may not be a popular thing to say in hip-hop, I am indigent and without the profits and property that may come with a criminal investigation.” He goes on to say, “While art often imitates life, and vice-versa, there is a stark line of delineation between reality and entertainment.” He thinks that his free speech is being violated because he should have the right to pretend to be a leader of the Bloods as much as he wants. But it’s kind of hard to back a guy’s cause when he makes videos like this:

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