The Church Are Bringing A Deranged Three-Full-Records-In-One-Night Tour To Highline Ballroom, B.B. Kings In February


Any old band (My Morning Jacket, Weezer) can do multiple shows here and play one full “classic” record a night, but cult Australian college-rock lifers the Church (they of “Under the Milky Way Tonight,” see) have hit upon a novel innovation to celebrate their 30th anniversary: three full records per show. Yes, in February they arrive in NYC for a two-night stand wherein they will play 2009’s horrifically named Untitled #23, 1992’s only slightly less horrifically named Priest=Aura, and 1988’s agreeably named Starfish, back-to-back-to-back. (Starfish is the one with “Under the Milky Way” tonight, just FYI.) Ain’t a lot of room on the set list for requests, alas.

The show hits the bizarre venue combination of Highline Ballroom February 16 and B.B. King’s February 17. Here they are doing an Untitled #23 track in Philadelphia last year; you’re never too old for a good drum solo.

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