Joe Bastianich Drinks a Bottle of Wine Daily While Babbo Rakes in the Profits


Bloomberg has an interesting interview with Joe Bastianich, marathoner and restaurateur extraordinaire. The man seems to be living a charmed life, having just lost 50 pounds and now authoring a new book on wine called Grandi Vini: An Opinionated Tour of Italy’s 89 Finest Wines. How does he do it?

“At Babbo, for instance, we have four sommeliers to interact and educate. As a result, 50 percent of our profits come from wine, which is significant,” says Bastianich, who co-owns a whopping 20 restaurants with Mario Batali. Yes, kids, that’s called raking in the profits.

What’s more, he drinks like a fish! “I usually have lunch at a restaurant — never my own — and have a glass of wine, then at night two or three glasses, so it comes to about a bottle a day.” So that’s the secret to success: boozing it up. Hard.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 4, 2011


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