Man Attempts to Restore Romance to NYC With Blog Admitting Interest in Marriage


You know what gets New York’s single ladies every time? A man unafraid to say that someday, he just might want to find that girl for him whom he will adore forever and, maybe, what the heck, even marry! And that he may have feelings about that, and be willing to write them down in an actual, earnest fashion. Thus, the attention so far to 25-year-old John Jannuzzi’s new Tumblr, To My Wife. For clarification: It’s to his future wife, whom he hasn’t even met yet. Ladies: Collective “awwww.”

In it, Jannuzzi (who’s in PR and also writes Textbook and Rogue Bicycles), lists notes ranging from sweet to practical for the future Mrs. J.

Such as….

And, our personal fave,

We got in touch with John to find out how he came to be so goddamn romantical.

On the blog’s inception:

I was watching TV, and a commercial came on for Jared Jewelers. I thought, I really would just want to get my wife something better for that. That would never be what I would want for my wife. So it’s coming a bit from a snobby place, but also I just think she would deserve better. You think about your future husband, your future wife, and I just sort of ran with it. I’ve been thinking about it for years, and I’ve been writing things down for about a month, writing on newspapers, napkins…whatever random thoughts I have, I just jot down.

On what he’s looking for:

There’s no real perfect picture in my mind. The girls I’ve been involved with tend to be creative types, smart; they like the same things I do and make me laugh. You know, it’s basically the type of person you want to be around all the time.

On his relationship inspiration:

Not to sound completely sappy, but a lot of it comes from watching my parents and their relationship.

On being held to all of these promises once he finds his woman:

Someone was saying in my office, “It’s quite a standard you’re setting for yourself!” But to be honest, it’s a lot of stuff that, well, it would just be second nature.

On people’s reactions so far:

I’ve gotten some comments saying I’m just doing it to get dates, which wasn’t the goal. I don’t expect some girl to come up to me and be like, “Yo, I read your tumblr let’s go on a date” because that would be creepy. I’ve received some hate mail, calling me a pussy/hipster, but I get hate mail a lot, so that’s no big deal. Most people seem to really like it — now it’s just really gonna be about finding that balance between saccharine, snarky, and sweet.

I think a lot of people were surprised by it, because outwardly I’m not necessarily warm, friendly, or cheesy. In fact I’m more known for being a snarky and sarcastic grumpy old man trapped in this body. But when I have the opportunity to dote on someone, I bring out the big guns. Why wouldn’t you, right?

Now, the more cynical among us may be tempted to wonder if this isn’t some valiant attempt to get laid, and there’s already a rather hilarious response blog, “To My Husband,” (Ex: “Your mother better not get all up in my shit about grandkids”) — but, hey, the dude’s getting marriage proposals, so he must be doing something right.

Let’s face it, cheesy or not, this at least this ups the bargain-basement-level ante a bit for those guys who can barely muster the energy to booty-text you after a weekend of day-drinking. (Also: We’re so with you about Jared’s Jewelers.)

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