More Details Emerge on Two East Village Fires; Barking Dog Deemed a Hero


Two fires hit the East Village in Tuesday’s morning hours, the first around 4 a.m. at Second Avenue and East Fourth Street, with a second erupting at East Sixth Street and Avenue A around 7:30 a.m. Between the pair of blazes, eight injuries are being reported by the Local East Village, while a collection of local blogs have gathered photos and video from the neighboring scenes.

The site of the first fire was the East Village Farm Groceries bodega on Fourth Street, where seven residents from the six-story building were taken to the hospital to treat minor injuries. During the heat of things, it looked something like this, via Grezakster, with the aftermath pictured above:

And another visual, via Neighborhoodr:

Not long after, the 6th Street Kitchen caught fire and one firefighter was injured battling the blaze, according to Gothamist. “It’s pretty bad,” a Deputy Chief firefighter told The Local about the damage to the building. “It’s all burnt out. We had to go in there, take the ceilings down, check for any hidden fire.”

But the real star of this whole thing is a dog called Rugby, a cockapoo, who barked loud enough to save his owners:

Jonathan Burke, who lives on the fourth floor of the apartment building at 69 Second Ave. at East 4th Street, said his 2-year-old cockapoo started barking furiously when he smelled smoke, waking his owner.

“The dog saved our lives,” said Burke, who then fled with his roommate down the building’s fire escape where they were rescued by firefighters. “They came up and got us, it was really smoky.”

The causes of both fires are still being determined.

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