Nick Brooks, Accused SoHo Strangler, Doesn’t Really Get That “Right to Remain Silent” Thing


Nick Brooks, the 24-year-old accused of strangling his swimsuit designer girlfriend and leaving her body in a SoHo House bathtub, is afraid of going to jail. And can’t shut up about it. The Daily News has some quotes from his arraignment and court records that suggest he probably should take his Fifth Amendment “right-to-silence” a little more seriously, at least if he doesn’t want to get made fun of in tabloids and blogs. His “best” lines, after the jump.

On life in the clink:
“I’m Jewish and I’m worried about getting beat up by white supremacists.”
How art mirrors life:
“I watch the show ‘Oz.’ I’ve seen what happens in jail.”
On his odds (hypothetically, of course):
“How long can I get for something like this?”
Yes, Virginia, two wrongs can make a right:
“Will I get bail? Should I pay someone for protection while I’m in?”
On his bail money (hey, even accused killers hate ATM fees):
“[It’s] in a trust fund, but I have to get the money in person.”
Brooks pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder this morning (which, the News says, could get him 25 years to life). He says his girlfriend, 33-year-old Sylvie Cachay, was alive when he left the hotel on Dec. 9. Cops and prosecutors say he was caught on camera entering and leaving Cachay’s hotel room.
The News also says Brooks’ lawyer did not request bail. He is next due in court on Feb. 8.

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