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NYC Garbage Pickup Is “Egalitarian,” If Snow Plowing Is Not


The streets may still be covered in garbage, but, hey, looking on the bright side, the Sanitation Department is being fair about it…at least according to the New York Times, which reports, “The process was, at least in appearance, more democratic than the system for snow plowing used last week, with its arterial, secondary and tertiary roads.” Yesterday 1,100 sanitation trucks were deployed to begin trash pickup again after 10 days (and that intervening blizzard).

The Times continues,

For trash removal, the billionaire and the bartender may both enjoy the perks of living on streets designated for Monday pickup, no matter how many miles or floors separate them. Tuesday became the new tertiary.


The tenant in the Manhattan high-rise, his street cleared of snow from the start, saw a flip-flop of fortunes, with the man-size pile of garbage bags out front far larger than the Queens family’s pile outside a modest home.

That’s what you get for living in a high-rise, apparently. But “tertiary” or otherwise, the trash will be there for a while — “We expect by the end of the week we should be pretty well normal on refuse collection,” said Sanitation Chief John J. Doherty (who, by the way, thinks his workers deserve an A-plus.)

So, has your trash been picked up, or do your streets still resemble a post-apocalyptic waste dump that’s only getting larger (See: the Lower East Side)? Also, do you feel “tertiary”? And does that make you angry?

Let us know.


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