Sapid Indian Food Delivers Subcontinental Standards to Prospect Heights


As Floyd Cardoz of the now-defunct Tabla told us last week, Indian food in New York City is changing. But for a neighborhood like Prospect Heights, which doesn’t have much in the way of fare from the subcontinent, a good old-fashioned curry joint is a welcome addition. Sapid Indian Food opened on a rather barren stretch of Washington Avenue late last year, with a familiar menu of chicken korma and tikka masala.

The house chicken curry was creamy with just enough heat and nice notes of cardamom and fresh coriander. The saag paneer was a little limp and bland (although it did improve after a night spent in the fridge). But the vegetarian pakoras ($5.95) were a true delight. The golden fritters survived the trek from the restaurant in a delivery bag and arrived crunchy, moist, and not too greasy. Dipped in a coriander chutney, they made for the perfect hangover food following the compounded party nights of December.

Sapid Indian Food
595 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn

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