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Suicidal Man Saved by Landing in Pile of Garbage Called “an Idiot” by Landlord


There seems to have been absolutely zero love lost between the landlord of the suicidal man who jumped from a Midtown building on Sunday afternoon — but who, luckily, landed on bags of left-behind garbage, which, somehow poetically, broke his fall and saved his life. The New York Post caught up with an agent for the building’s owners, Jacques Michaane, who had these…shall we say…insensitive? downright horrible?…things to say about the jumper, 26-year-old Vangelis “Angelo” Kapatos:

“The guy is a nut job,” Michaane told the Post. “He’s an idiot because he tried to commit suicide and he failed. He’s a danger to himself and a danger to everybody else.

“Nobody has paid rent in that apartment for almost two years. How about somebody pay the rent? . . . I met with him. He’s mentally disturbed.”

Meanwhile, an ex of Kapatos, who had attempted suicide several times previously, said “He’s always talked about ending it,” while Kapatos’ aunt blamed his problems on the threat of eviction and family troubles.

Whatever the cause, someone calling him an idiot because he tried to commit suicide and failed, and is now in the hospital awaiting surgery, is pretty shitty all around. A little human kindness in the New Year, Mr. Michaane?

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