Tiffany And Debbie Gibson Are Performing Together At The Canal Room Later This Month


We are never truly alone, Tiffany.

So here’s a real thing you can pay money to go see: bygone ’80s teen idols Debbie Gibson and Tiffany, on one night on one stage, specifically the Canal Room’s, as part of another Back to the Eighties fete also featuring an era tribute band reasonably named Rubix Kube, the spelling presumably to avoid litigation. This has apparently somehow never happened before, these two ladies joining forces onstage — this historic event will presage their dual starring roles in the apparently real 2011 movie Mega Python vs. Gatoroid. Tickets for this thing are $20 at the door, and if you’re even half-considering this already I fail to see how it couldn’t be worth it. Let me also say that I’m looking forward to 30 years from now when Ke$ha and Katy Perry are making joint appearances at the Google Lounge with a period-specific tribute band called, like, Tumblrrrr or whatever. Flier above. Have fun.

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