City Council Takes on Mold and Vermin, Sort Of


Today the City Council passed a bill that will force a few of the city’s worst landlords to clean up the mold and exterminate the vermin that play a significant role in the city’s childhood asthma epidemic.

Advocates are cheering because this is a step in the right direction. But it’s a baby step, to put it mildly.

As we told you a couple of weeks ago, this bill is not going to make a dent in lives of 99 percent of tenants who live in buildings with insufferable conditions – including serious asthma triggers.

That’s because this “crackdown” will be limited to a tiny fraction of buildings – the couple hundred buildings in the city’s official ‘Worst Properties” program. Together, they comprise less than one percent of the city’s housing stock.

Oh, and guess what? Mold and vermin are already illegal under the city’s housing code. But the rules are completely ignored by many hundreds of landlords.

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