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Crabs and Bees Are Dying All Over the Place Now, Too


What was that thing about “portents”? After birds started the trend of showing up dead, fish followed, and now 40,000 velvet or “devil” crabs have washed up on the shores of Britain, reports the Daily Mail. It’s thought they died of hypothermia after the coldest December in 120 years in the UK. Which is better than falling out of the sky for no apparent reason, we guess, end-times-wise, but maybe worse than dying because of human frivolity, a/k/a, fireworks. Either way, it doesn’t sound…good.

Meanwhile, certain U.S. bumble bee populations are as much as 90 percent gone, “weakened by inbreeding and disease.”

We’d be pretty worried, but Christian group Family Radio Worldwide, led by Harold Camping, says the world won’t end until May 21, 2011. So there’s plenty of time to buy your End of the World T-shirt and get your house in order. FYI: Camping’s been wrong before.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 5, 2011

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