Homeless Man With Golden Voice Now a National Celebrity With New Problems


Along with the rest of the internet, and now apparently the real world, we’ve been singing the praises of Ted Williams, the Ohio homeless man who sounds like Don LaFontaine, but better. He lost his way and was panhandling with a sign promising a “God given gift of voice” until a local newspaper’s video went viral. Then came the job offers, including one from the Cleveland Cavaliers, a free house and oodles of celebrity. But that’s where things get complicated — Williams is having trouble flying to New York for a television appearance.

TMZ reports that Williams is scheduled to appear Thursday morning on Today, but he can’t board a flight because he has no identification:

Ted Williams’ peeps tell us Ted is currently at the courthouse in Columbus, OH trying to get a copy of his birth certificate.

Ted’s rep says having to reestablish identity is a common problem for the homeless.

Assuming it gets worked out, his homecoming will be heartwarming: in addition to his time on TV, Williams’ New York trip will include a stop in Bed-Stuy to see his mother for the first time in years. This sounds like a job for OWN — someone get Oprah Winfrey on the phone.

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