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In a Blizzard, Do You Know Where Your Mayor Is?


The city’s dailies aren’t done raking Mayor Bloomberg over the coals for last week’s blizzard response. Today, the Daily News wants to know exactly who was in charge during the city’s crappy snow clean-up job. Bloomberg may or may not have been vacationing in Bermuda, and several of his deputy mayors were apparently AWOL, too. Yet City Hall officials are keeping a tight lid on the details and won’t say who was really manning the ship during last week’s storm.

Bloomberg himself may or may not have been in Bermuda during the storm, while two of his deputy mayors were in Washington and London, respectively. Five other deputy mayors could have been tapped to take control, but neither they nor City Hall would say who was in charge.

The City Council also seems to want answers. It plans to hold “at least five hearings” on the storm and expects officials from the MTA, NYPD, fire department, sanitation department, and emergency management department to testify. One city councilman is also reportedly “contemplating legislation” that would require Bloomberg to tell the city clerk when he leaves town and puts someone else in charge.


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