Spitzer’s Madam Blasts Craigslist Movie


Ex Madam Kristin Davis–who was a protest candidate for her ex-client Eliot Spitzer‘s gubernatorial position, running on a platform of decriminalizing prostitution–has a whole new position.

She detests the Lifetime movie The Craigslist Killer!

Says Davis:

“Lifetime did not even name the real victim. Her name is Julissa Brissman, and she was my friend and former employee.

“She was a sweet girl, albeit troubled but working through those troubles and trying to make a better life for herself. She did not deserve to die.”

Adds the former madam, “For a network [like] Lifetime, whose goal is to promote empowerment to women, the portrayal of Phillip Markoff and his fiancé as sympathetic characters is a complete injustice to women everywhere.

“The movie concluded maintaining Markoff’s innocence in a suicide scene where you might actually feel sorry for him and showing his fiancé in tears devastated by the loss.

“Phillip Markoff committed suicide, which robbed his victims and their families of any chance at justice. Lifetime has now robbed them of another chance at justice by not naming them and not accurately portraying Markoff.”

Anyone watch the movie?

Or were you too busy running around and empowering women?

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