Streisand In Talks To Do Gypsy!


It’s a gay man’s wet dream.

Singer, Oscar winner, star, and Donna Karan wearer Barbra Streisand is in negotiations to play the fiercely tunnel-visioned Mama Rose in a movie of Gypsy, according to The Post‘s Michael Riedel.

Normally I’d say “Enough with Gypsy!” but the chance to see Streisand back on the big screen in a starring role that involves singing, emoting, and other things not found in Little Fockers would be too delicious.

Interestingly, the show’s book writer Arthur Laurents is quoted as saying that he wants Babs to attack the savage, brutal aspects of the character.

Funny, in Patti LuPone‘s memoir, Patti says her goal was to play Rose as a basically sympathetic person who loves her girls, and Laurents went along with it.

But who cares? No quibbling here. Bring on Streisand as Rose.

She’s got nothing to hit but the heights!

And Natalie Portman would make a fierce Gypsy, no?

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