The Loading Dock Will Close Thanks to Some Jerk Who Stole Its Truck


Another indirect casualty of last month’s blizzard: the Loading Dock, the Downtown Brooklyn taco place beloved by fans of both Mexican food and good food in general. The New York Post reports that Forrest Cole, the Dock’s co-owner, had bought the $25,000 truck as a means of expanding his business — although the food, which is also sold at the Brooklyn Flea, had won a following, the Dock’s somewhat obscure Tillary Street storefront wasn’t attracting enough foot traffic.

Unfortunately, the truck was stolen during the blizzard, and now Cole is being forced to close the business, which will shutter on January 30. Fortunately, the truck was insured, so there’s a chance that Cole will use the money to open a storefront someday. And in the meantime, he’ll continue to sell his food at the Brooklyn Flea. And if one bit of levity can be found in the sad situation, it comes courtesy of the customer who told the Post that the closing is “the worst thing to happen to lunch itself since, well, brunch.”


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