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This week in the Voice, Camille Dodero profiles Pablo Airaldi, a New York bike messenger, fixture in the bike community, and legal permanent resident of the U.S. who’s been detained indefinitely in New Jersey’s Hudson County jail by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement after pleading guilty to a felony he committed as a teen.

Has the “rap nerd” risen? Ben Westhoff thinks so, in the form of Eric and Jeff Rosenthal, the comedy-rap duo It’s the Real.

Robert Sietsema strolls down Roosevelt Avenue, the border between Elmhurst and Jackson Heights from the BQE east to Junction Boulevard, a/k/a, “Little Latin American,” taking on Peruvian newcomer Lima Limon.

Abel Ferrara’s new, highly personal movie Go Go Tales, set in the “tawdry NYC confines” of a club called Ray Ruby’s Paradise, gets a review from J.Hoberman. Ferrara has always juggled the sacred and profane, Hoberman writes — this effort finds him both frenzied and pensive.

Michael Musto checks out the octogenarian showstopper, 82-year-old Marilyn Maye, who’s been ruling the cabaret scene since she was a wee lass in her late 70s.

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