Xi’an Famous Foods Wants to Expand to Bedford Avenue


Along with building a commissary in East Williamsburg, Xi’an Famous Foods is hoping to set up shop in the vicinity of Bedford Avenue.

Shortly after The Wall Street Journal wrote about its expansion plans, Xi’an Famous Foods put out an appeal on its Facebook page, asking for information about “any good available store-fronts for ease in 1) Midtown Manhattan, 2) Bedford Ave Williamsburg, 3) near Columbia University.”

Like meatballs, noodles would make a perfect bedfellow for Bedford Avenue and its constant stream of L-train riders and possibly inebriated late-night revelers. And like Brooklyn itself, Xi’an and its expansion plans have unsurprisingly courted a bit of a backlash.

This one comes courtesy of Chowhound, where a post on the company’s planned Columbia location led one commenter to proclaim, “They have officially gone Hollywood,” and another to ask, “At this point, where aren’t they going to open a tiny shop? Wonder if they have enough Bourdain photos and Kelly Choi videos to cover every location?” If not, they can undoubtedly manufacture them in the commissary.

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