5 Infomercial Products Designed To Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions


Sticking to New Year’s resolutions is never an easy thing to do. Luckily, the early infomercials of 2011 have brought in a new slew of gadgets to help you stick to any resolution you might have (or might not have even thought of yet). We and the ghost of Billy Mays (R.I.P.) are here to help you out on your quest to success in 2011!

What it is: It’s essentially a hacked Snuggie that has heating powers. If you’ve ever laid in the warmth and tranquility that is a Snuggie and thought, “Hey I wish this got hotter,” then this is exactly what you need!
What resolution it helps: Losing weight (imagine how much you’ll sweat in that thing!)
Price: Only $39.99!

Pajama Jeans
What it is: Yes, you heard right. The material and comfort of pajamas added with the style of American denim blue jeans created the Frankenstein-creature known as Pajama Jeans.
What resolution it helps: Being a more fashionable blogger while staying on the couch.
Price: Only $39.95!

Pillow Pets
What it is: As the infomercial says, “It’s a pillow! It’s a pet!” These adorable little play things are almost disgustingly cute. We want them all.
What resolution it helps: Making friends!
Price: $15.99 for the small and $24.99 for the large (but can they really put a price on something this cute?!)

Ready Reacher
What it is: It’s a stick that can help you grab stuff that you can’t reach. It even has an LED light so you can look in dark scary corners.
What resolution it helps: Old people finding stuff
Price: Two Ready Reachers for Only $10!

Easy Feet
What it is: The advertisers call it “a carwash for your feet.” Ew. This may be a bit too much for us. The image of the white body wash squirting all over the Easy Feet is so nasty.
What resolution it helps: Taking care of hygiene problems
Price: Only $14.99 for two feet!