Andrew Cuomo Will Play “Social Studies” With High Schoolers Every Week


As part of the new regime in Albany, Governor Cuomo plans to film weekly web addresses to be broadcast into New York state schools. Sixteen schools have already signed up to get the weekly messages sent to their children. The New York Post reports that “Students can submit questions about government, which Cuomo says will be answered by him or other state officials in the effort to engage students in an active dialogue on government.” The series will be called “Albany At Work” and will start in two weeks.

The governor’s office is probably picturing kids sitting in their auditoriums listening to their wise leader tell them stories of histories past. But because we come from New York City public schools, we picture it a little differently. Kids will shout names at the screen, start making out when the lights get turned off, and mostly just fall asleep. His intentions are noble, however. Maybe Cuomo will light a fire in the heart of some kid upstate!

What we’d really like to see would be an adaptation of “The Office” with Cuomo playing Michael Scott.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 6, 2011

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