Do You Want to Reunite With a One Night Stand?


No, seriously, this sounds like a really great idea that won’t embarrass you or your family. An unnamed network or production company has taken to Craigslist to find New Yorkers willing to participate in a new reality show, in which “outgoing, vivacious ‘reality type’ people” will link up again with their proudest (or most photogenic) one night stand. Really, this will be great and your employer won’t mind at all. First you’ll tell your “outrageous, sexy, funny and honest” story and then you’ll get a free date where you can learn the name of that guy with the cowboy boots who shaves his whole body. Full listing after the jump!

New NYC based reality show seeking individuals looking to reunite with past one night stands.

Looking for outgoing, vivacious “reality type” people to tell their outrageous, sexy, funny and honest stories, the good, the bad and the ugly.

If accepted, applicants must be willing to reunite with one night stand partner on camera, and be interviewed.

Any sexual orientation is welcome.

Please respond with a description of why your one night stand would make great reality television.

Please attach a photo.

Don’t misunderstand — we’re all about bad decisions. But reliving them in public? Do you, if you must.

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