Teen Beat For Pretending To Be “Hard” on Facebook [VIDEO]


A video surfaced online yesterday of a teenager being beat by an adult (either his uncle or father, the video is unclear) for pretending to be gang-affiliated and being “hard.” It has gone viral very quickly, achieving about one million views, 2,000 tweets and 176,000 Facebook shares in less than 24 hours. The video reveals a heavy sympathy online towards strict and abusive parenting. Link to the video after the jump.

Watch the video HERE.

Most Twitterers are very sympathetic to the adult:
@Coldcase09 decides that this beating is what the world needs:

@ImSoNini tells other young people not to make the same mistake as the boy from the video: LoL Ya’ll better stop FB thugging!!!! YA’ll parents going to get ya’ll LoL!!!!less than a minute ago via TweetDeck 

@Mr_Jorden says that he is the boys former teacher. He must have been “talking shit” in the classroom too:

This is one of my former students, when I saw this I almost died! He really was talkin shit! via @worldstarless than a minute ago via Tweet Button 

But Dave Adams has it right:

we gotta do better as a people than a minute ago via Tweet Button 

We thought it was pretty amusing that the adult wanted to prove that his family doesn’t “do that kind of stuff” (i.e. joining gangs and committing crimes) but found it acceptable to beat a child and then make said child post it on his own Facebook profile to show people “what kind of family they really are.” Making sure someone’s online-identity matches their real-life one isn’t something worth getting hit with a belt for.

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