Three Kings Day Means Three Excuses to Eat Cake


Today, January 6, is Three Kings Day, which commemorates when the three kings bestowed their gifts upon baby Jesus. It’s a day of eating, with pasteles, tamales, tembleque, and rice and beans all being popular treats. But more importantly, it’s the day of three kings cake, also known as rosca de reyes, the delicious yeasty cake topped with colorful confections and encasing a tiny plastic baby.

Last year, we ventured to Lopez Bakery to sample the treats, but if you’re in need of additional suggestions or want to try out something new, The Brooklyn Paper has a full write-up of bakeries serving the treats in the borough. And if you’re going to catch the Museo del Barrio’s annual parade in East Harlem, be sure to stop by either Don Paco Lopez (2129 Third Avenue, 212-876-0700) or Mi Querida Mexico Lindo Bakery (2267 Second Avenue, 212-996-5223). The latter will be serving cakes in three sizes at $10, $20, and $30. Tastier than gold, frankincense, and myrrh, for sure.


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