When Reddit Goes Wrong: Girlfriend Takes to Website When She Finds Her Man E-Creeping


Reddit, the extremely popular social news website and message board, is a breeding ground for many of the internet’s finest things. This week alone, videos of Ted Williams, the homeless man with the golden radio voice, and an exploding manhole made early appearances on the site before skyrocketing to viral ubiquity. But in addition to silly images and videos, the site also boasts a loving (if fickle) community, most notably in the Ask Reddit section of the site, where users seek advice on everything from dating to finding work. It can be a safe space for geeks of all stripes. That is, of course, unless you’re lying about your girlfriend and she finds out. Then she might air you out in front of everyone.

In a post currently trending upward, and already on the front page, a scorned girlfriend writes: “Alright ladies of reddit, its your turn. So i went onto my boyfriends of 5 years’ reddit history to comment on one of his posts and this is what I found. He said that it was a made up story and that he was karma whoring but i’m not sure. What would you do?”

The boyfriend’s excuse is that he was “karma whoring,” meaning that he was hoping to earn popularity on the site by asking questions he knew would receive positive attention from the eagerly helpful user-base. That defense falls apart if you read the incriminating post the girlfriend found, in which the lying boyfriend asks for advice about picking up a barista. The girlfriend posted his note in full:

I know that any person who has a job where tips can be made, typically tries to be nice in order to possibly get a better tip. My situation. I literally go to this coffee shop every morning before work for the past 2 years. About 6 months ago a new girl, we will call her Stephanie, was hired. At first she was your typical barista. Very helpful, always had a smile etc. We are at that point where we know each other on a first name basis. Which isn’t too unusual considering how often I am in there. As of lately Stephanie has been opening up to me and letting her guard down a little. I don’t know if this is because she is starting to trust me or what. Sometimes our discussions are short and flirty. Other times they are longer and a little deeper, depending on how busy it is. I would like to ask this girl on a date because she is beautiful and funny and so far has a lot of qualities I admire. My two worries are: 1) Is she being genuinely flirty and may possibly be into me or is she just being a really good employee and 2) should she say no. how the hell do I avoid the awkwardness. I mean, I have been coming to this coffee shop forever and I don’t want to bail on it. edit- as far as the type of date. I typically stay away from cliche romantic dinners and movies and things like that. I am more of a “Lets go tear it up on the slopes” or “lets go shoot some guns we have never tried at the shooting range”. stuff like that

She adds that “someone called him out saying that in a different post he claimed to have a girlfriend. He said that we have been broken up for about a year.” And she asks, “Would this piss you off? He sees nothing wrong with it. What do you think?”

Over 1,300 comments follow. Some of the more conspiratorial recommend that the she try to find the coffee shop girl he wrote about to confirm the lie. Others make jokes about asking her out, since she’s sure to be single soon. Most, though, are plainer: “BUSTED,” reads one.

Not that anyone asked us, but let’s defer to the inestimable Dan Savage on this one: DTMFA.

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