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Did John Edwards Propose to Rielle Hunter? Should We Even Care?


People are shocked — shocked! — that John Edwards has had the gall to propose to baby mama Rielle Hunter a mere three weeks after his wife Elizabeth died of cancer. And then, of all things, to introduce her and their baby to his kids, via the New York Post, in a meetup at the Macaroni Grill. Shocking! Horrifying! The Macaroni Grill? And, yet…is it even true? Let’s keep in mind that this is being reported by the National Enquirer. Sure, they broke the news of Edwards’ affair. But are they always right? (Note: They’ve reported this proposal before.)

Yes, the details are icky, especially this one:

“After discussing it with a friend, Rielle said she decided to tell John’s kids, ‘Call me Mommy,’ ” the Enquirer reported, quoting a source close to the family.

But no ickier than this GQ photo shoot:

Beyond that, and whether the story is true or not (for the record, the Edwards camp has denied it), John Edwards doing something caddish and ill-timed and bad for his public (and/or private) image is hardly surprising.

What’s worse: Proposing to the mother of your child after your wife of 32 years, whom you’ve cheated on and dragged through an embarrassing public scandal, dies of cancer? Or impregnating another woman while your wife of 32 years is dying of cancer and then dragging her, still alive, fighting her disease, through an embarrassing public scandal? The point is, nothing John Edwards does can really surprise us at this point, except for, perhaps, being faithful.

At least Elizabeth cut John out of her will before she died.


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 7, 2011

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