Hear Indie Muppet Dom’s Improbable Collaboration With Gucci Mane, “Living In America (Remix)”


Because we are still amazed when successful rappers team up with flavor-of-the-month indie people. Because we always wonder what phone call made this happen. Because we always play fantasy football about exactly which party is benefitting most from this relationship. Because we always want to know what it looks like inside Diplo’s Blackberry. Because we can’t leave our RSS reader alone.

Courtesy of Pitchfork, here is a recording from this summer where you can hear beleaguered MC Gucci Mane and beatwise chillpopper DOM collaboing on a track. It was recorded roughly six months before Gucci entered a Georgia mental hospital and about a year before Pitchfork is totally done with DOM. As a track, it’s certainly no Small Soldiers soundtrack odd-couple pairing since dudes both clearly like slow-‘n’-low beats, screwed choruses, woozy-cum-triumphant textures and would probably share an ice-cold beer or two. Check it out if you want a chill soundtrack to frittering away your Friday. Brrr, bro.

Listen: Dom Remix With Gucci Mane [Pitchfork]

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 7, 2011

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