Is Jeffrey’s Becoming More of a Luncheonette?


We reviewed Jeffrey’s Grocery, Gabe Stulman’s tiny West Village hybrid grocery store-restaurant a few weeks ago, noting the ample sundries available for purchase. Well, it looks like Stulman might be rethinking his vision for the space, since some major changes have recently been made.

The refrigerated section on the right side of the space, which held vegetables like cauliflower and peppers as well as cheeses and prepared foods, is now gone, replaced by a few tables. “We needed to add seats,” said a staff member when prodded. He then mentioned that they were “experimenting with closing times,” shutting that evening at 5 and at 7 on other nights. With Fedora unveiled last night, it’s possible that Stulman is focusing his energies and staff on opening his newest venture with a bang. Will Jeffrey’s end up dropping the “Grocery” from its name and just be “Jeffrey’s Luncheonette”? Time will tell …

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This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 7, 2011


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