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It’s Snowing Again — But the City Is Ready!; Andrew Cuomo Likes It Cold; Elvis Turns 76


• Happy Friday! It’s snowing. And the city is pulling out all the stops, including GPS tracking of salters and plowers, to make sure what happened last time doesn’t go down again. Of course, this time accumulation is only expected to hit 3 inches — just enough to nicely coat those remaining garbage bags. [NYP, Weather]

• The U.S. economy added 103,000 jobs in December, and our jobless rate is now at 9.4 percent. Yay. [USA Today]

• Barack Obama announces key members of his economic team today. This includes the nomination of two women. [CNN]

Andrew Cuomo “likes a cold room” when making appearances. [NYT]

Rudy Giuliani may be considering a 2012 presidential run. [Page Six]

• The homeless man with the perfect radio voice has reunited with his mom, done a commercial for Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, and has upcoming work with MSNBC. He’s also doing the morning show and late-night TV circuit. The power of the Internet, people! [NBC NY]

• Tomorrow would have been Elvis’ 76th birthday. One of the Chilean miners is visiting the King’s boyhood home in his honor. Meanwhile, we’ll being eating a peanut butter and potato chip sammy and watching this. [CBS]

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