Kathy Griffin and Camille Grammer: Out!


Big reality show shakeups, people.

Tart-tongued funny lady Kathy Griffin is calling it quits with her Bravo show My Life on The D-List after six seasons.

Chatty Kathy never intended to be a reality star, she says.

Besides, I would imagine it would be hard to pretend to still be D-list when the show has won Emmys and helped propel you to the top of the prime-time cable heap.

And I guess a title change would be way too much trouble.

Even more disconcertingly, Kelsey Grammer‘s ex, Camille Grammer, is supposedly splitting the same network’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

She was the baddie, the dragon lady, the one you loved to hate. She was the Danielle.

Talk about “bad Grammer”!

But the woman is single now and probably doesn’t want the abuse.

Meanwhile, some are saying a tabloid is sitting on some juice about Camille’s past and that’s the problem, but I’d think that would only help her on the show!

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