Melina Mercouri Was Hot For Greta Garbo


In the ’70s, Greek actress Melina Mercouri played the girlfriend of Alexis Smith in the rivetingly trashy Once Is Not Enough–a lesbian love affair that some say was based on one between Greta Garbo and socialite Barbara Hutton.

But in real life, it was Garbo herself who Melina would have switched teams for.

In her memoir I Was Born Greek–which I was recently gifted with (thank you, Santa)–Melina revealed:

“The physical love of woman for woman is something I can understand, intellectually–Sappho was one of our islanders.

“I’m ready to accept that it can be beautiful, but it’s something that I have not known or felt–except for Garbo.

“But I also know that she is beyond any one sex, and that it is perfectly in order for man, woman, and child to react erotically towards Garbo.

“She is the essence and the ultimate of all sex.”

Funny, I always found Garbo magnificent yet completely asexual. She’s the last one I would have converted for!

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